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Gitu Leonard Mwangi

Department of Chemistry
Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology


Academic/Work Experience BSc  1989; MSc 1996; PhD 2010 Teaching Assistant 1996; Assistant lecturer (1996); Lecturer (2003)

Research Interest

Natural products research particularly on medicinal plants; testing toxicity, efficacy and safety of herbal drugs; Global immerging issues including Food, Agriculture and the Environment, climate change mitigation and Best Practices in Environmental protection; Renewable sources of energy, and Environment Impact Assessment.


  • H. N. Wanyika , E. G.Gatebe, L. M. Gitu, E. K. Ngumba, and C. W. Maritim. (2010). Determination of caffeine content of tea and instant coffee brands found in the Kenyan Market. African Journal of Food Science, Vol 4(6), pp. 353-358

  • Muiruri P. M., Nyagah C. G., Njenga J. W. and Gitu L. M. (2011). Comparison of Distribution of Phosphorus in Minjingu Phosphate Rock to Mrima Hill and Magadi Rock Samples. Journal of the Kenya Chemical Society, Vol 6 (1) pp 42- 52

  • H. N. Wanyika, P. G. Kareru, L. M. Gitu, E. G. Gatebe, , and B. N. Muyemba.(2011). Quantification of Albendazole in Dewormer Formualtions in the Kenyan market. Advances in Applied Science Research, 2(2): 9-13.

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