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Losenge Turoop

Associate Professor
Department of Horticulture
Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology


EDUCATION 2008 to 2010 Visiting scholar, Department of Horticulture Clemson University, South Carolina USA. 20072006 Short course (3months) in Project cycle management, Humbodt, University, Germany- Postdoctoral studies in Leibniz University Hannover 2001- 2005 Ph.D. Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Kenya 1998-1999 Master of Science in Horticulture; Major in Phytopathology and Entomology (University of Hannover, Germany) 1992 –1995 B.Sc. degree in Horticulture (JKUAT, Kenya).

Research Interest

Research interests include disease epidemics modelling, biological control of fungal pathogens, development of bio-pesticides, endophytic fungal


  • Losenge, T., Faust , J.E. and Scott , S.W. 2012. The transmission and management of tobacco mosaic virus in a greenhouse environment. ACTA HORT. (ISHS) 937:85-90.

  • Niyongere, C., Losenge, T., Ateka,,E. M., NKezabahizi, D., Blomme, G and. Lepoint, P. 2012. Occurence and distribution of banana Bunchy top disease in the great lakes region of Africa, TFSB, 6: 102-107.

  • Waweru B.W., Losenge, T. Kahangi, E.M., Dubois, T. and Coyne, D. 2013. Potential biological control of lesion nematodes on banana using Kenyan strains of endophytic Fusarium oxysporum Nematology 15:101-107.

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