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Milton Gatahi Mwago

Department of Land Resource Planning and Management
Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology


I have participated in the following studies in a consultative capacity: · World Bank Project: African Success Story (2010), Money-Maker pumps: Creating wealth in Sub-Saharan Africa, · Participatory Rural Appraisal for Tissue Culture Bananas in Central Kenya. · FAO-IASSA-KARI Project - “Climate change and global agricultural potential. Case study of Kenya”. 1994. · UNDP Evaluation Mission for UNSO/ken/89X01 —Monitoring, Assessment and Desertification Control 29 August — 14 September, 1992. · MOA-UNDP Project -Feasibility evaluation of alternative agricultural mechanization options for the production of sugarcane, rice and wheat in Kenya Suitability evaluation for irrigation in Morulem Irrigation Scheme. Turkana District for World Vision International, Kenya Office. · Suitability Evaluation of Kerio Valley for grapes. By Mwenge International for Kerio Valley Development Authority (KVDA).

Research Interest

Soil genesis and classification - Land evaluation and development - Desertification - Land Degradation - Land use Planning - Environmental Impact Assessment Studies (EIA) - Soil and water conservation - Soil-water-plant relations - Soil nutrient balances in Kenya - Irrigation Performance in Kenya - Participatory Rural Appraisal


  • Gatahi, MM.; and V.D Costa (1984). Land Suitability evaluation based on Resistance to Erosion and Other Land Qualities in Part of Kilifi District. Paper presented to the international Workshop on Land Evaluation of Sloping Areas. Enschede, the Netherlands. 17-21 December! 1984.

  • Wamicha, W.N.; MM. Gatahi and D.N. Mungai (1981) Detailed Soil Survey of Beef Research Station, Lanet. Nakuru District. KSS Report No. D15.

  • Sogomo, K.L.; MM. Gatahi, D.N. Mungai and F.N. Muchena (1980), - Detailed Soil Survey of Garissa ADC-MOA Farm. Gadssa District. KSS Report No. D16, Nairobi.

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