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Dr. Dennis Mukui Kimata

Associate Professor
Early Childhood Studies
Kenyatta University


DR. DENNIS MUKUI KIMATA  is an Associate Professor of Kenyatta University

Research Interest

Environmental Physiology, Histology, Histopathology and Cell Biology


  • Kimata, M.D., Mwangi, R.W. and Mathiu, P. (2011). Outdoor Confinement Does Not Compromise Reproductive Performance of the Helmeted Guinea Fowl Numida meleagris. The Kenya Veterinarian 35: 111 – 120

  • Kimata, M.D., Makawiti, D.W., Tengekyon, K.M., Dadzie, S. and Waindi, E.N. (1994). Delayed Recovery of Adrenocortical and Testicular Function after Chemotherapy of Human Trypanosomiasis. Acta Tropica 57: 69 – 74

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