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Dr Nicholas Kibet Korir

Lecturer and Industry Linkages Coordinator
Agricultural Science and Technology
Kenyatta University


Dr. Nicholas Kibet Korir is currently working as a Lecturer of the Department in Kenyatta University 

Research Interest

MicroRNA elucidation, development of novel elucidation methods, genome analysis for specific gene families, strategies for the application of DNA markers in practical plant cultivar and variety identification Development and application of innovative and appropriate crop production techniques, physiology, plant nutrition, controlled/modified growing environments, water use efficiency, weed management for horticultural crops Development and deployment of interventions towards dissemination of research findings to all categories of farmers particularly the youth, women and small holders 


  • Structure, expression profile, and evolution of the sucrose synthase gene family in peach (Prunus persica) C Zhang, M Yu, R Ma, Z Shen, B Zhang, NK Korir Acta Physiologiae Plantarum 37 (4), 1-15

  • KT/HAK/KUP potassium transporter genes differentially expressed during fruit development, ripening, and postharvest shelf-life of ‘Xiahui6’peaches Z Song, S Guo, C Zhang, B Zhang, R Ma, NK Korir, M Yu Acta Physiologiae Plantarum 37 (7), 1-9

  • Differential expression of iron–sulfur cluster biosynthesis genes during peach fruit development and ripening, and their response to iron compound spraying Z Song, R Ma, B Zhang, S Guo, M Yu, NK Korir Scientia Horticulturae 207, 73-81

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