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Dr. Purity Nyambura Nguhiu

Agricultural Resource Management
Kenyatta University


Dr. Purity Nyambura Nguhiu is working as a Associate Professor in Kenyatta University 

Research Interest

Parasitic infections of public health importance 


  • PN Nguhiu, HC Kariuki, JK Magambo, J Mwatha, G Kimani, E Muchiri, B Vernavegald, W Dunne, G Mkoji, (2009). Polyparasitism in a rural community in Kibwezi area, Kenya. East African Medical Journal, 86: (6) 272-278.

  • Purity N Nguhiu, Claire N Wamae, Japheth K Magambo, Paul G Mbuthia, Daniel C Chai, Dorcas S Yole (2012): Gross and Histopathological findings in Cercopithecus aethiops with experimental Cyclospora infection in Kenya. Pathology and Laboratory Medicine International, 4: 13-20.

  • Purity N. Nguhiu, Claire N. Wamae, Japheth.K. Magambo & Dorcas. S. Yole (2012). Haematological and Serological Findings in Cercopithecus aethiops (African green monkeys) with Cyclospora Infections in Kenya. International Journal of Professional Practice, 4 (1&2): 122-131.

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