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Fiona Mbai

Department of Biomedical Sciences and Technology
The Technical University of Kenya


Currently affiliated to The University of Kenya continuing research in the specialized scientific area of Biomedical Sciences and Technology.   

Research Interest

Biomedical Sciences


  • Venue-Based Approach to Reaching MSM, IDUs and the General Population with VCT: A Three Study Site in Kenya. AIDS and Behavior 16 (4):818-828.

  • Impact of Aging vs. Estrogen Loss on Cardiac Gene Expression: Late Estrogen Replacement and Inflammation. Physiol. Genomics 43: 1065–1073.

  • Rapid Activation of Nuclear Factor-κB by 17β-Estradiol and Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators: Pathways Mediating Cellular Protection. Shock. 38(2):128-136

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