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Ann Sitienei

Environmental Studies and Integrated Natural Resource Manage
University of Kabianga


Dr. Ann Sitienei Lecturer / Research Fellow Departmental Examiniation Cordinator, Ag. HOD - ES&INRM

Research Interest

Environmental Conservation Natural Resource Wildlife Conservation


  • Anne J. Sitienei, Ge Jiwen, Assessing the cost of living with elephants (Loxodonta africana) in areas adjacent to Meru National Park, Kenya., European Journal of Wildlife Research: Volume 60, Issue 2 (2014), pp 323-330

  • Anne J. Sitienei, Ge Jiwen, , Mupenzi Jean de la paix. Impacts of Anthropogenic Activities and Climate on Wetland Ecology: Case of Sitatunga(Tragelaphus Spekei) at Kingwal Wetland, Kenya. East African Journal of Science and Technology, 2012; 1(1):1- 8.

  • Anne J. Sitienei, Ge Jiwen, Shadrack M. Ngene,Mupenzi Jean de paix, and Fred. K. Waweru. Analysis in the Concentration, Determination and Comparison of some mineral elements in the Natural Salt-Licks Utilized by Elephants: Mt.Elgon National Park Case Study. Advanced Materials Research Vols. 356-360 (2012) pp 1796-1800.

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