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Jack E. Odongo Ogembo

Associate Professor
Linguistics, Literature and Communications
University of Kabianga


Prof. Jack E. Odongo Ogembo is the current head of the Department of Linguistics, Literature and Communication at the University of Kabianga. He holds a M.Ed degree from the University of Nairobi, M.A degree from the City University of New York and PhD degree from the University of Cape Town. He has special teaching and research interests in theories of Literature, Semiotics and General Symbolism, the Cultural Heritage and Folklore in Africa, Orality and technology.

Research Interest

General Aesthetics in cultural studies Relationship between art and African traditional medicine.


  • Ogembo, J. O. (2010) Body as Text: Theorizing Physiological Aesthetics in East African Literature in East African Literature, Eds. Makhoha, J. K. S., Kabaji E. & Dipo, D. –Verlag Publishers, Germany

  • Ogembo, J. O. (2011) ART IN ETHNOMEDICINE: A Case Study of Juogi in Western Kenya, Lambert Academic Publishing; Germany & USA

  • Ogembo, J. O. & Muhoma, C. (2013) THE HOME AS TEXT: a Critical Examination of Spacio­Temporal Symbolism in Luo Context. Maseno Journal of Arts and Sciences – Atieno Odhiambo Special Issue.

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