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Jared Yugi Owiti

Biological Sciences
University of Kabianga


Dr. Jared Yugi Owiti Lecturer / Research Fellow AT School of Science & Technology

Research Interest

Biological Sciences


  • Yugi, J.O., Ochanda, H., Mukabana, W.R., 2015. Zea mays pollen for the optimization of colony rearing of Anopheles arabiensis mosquitoes under laboratory conditions. Journal of Mosquito Research. 5(3): 1- 6

  • Yugi, J.O., Okeyo-Owour, J.B., Atieli F., Amito, R., Vulule, J.M., 2014. Knockdown effect of crude ethanol extracts of Phytolacca dodecandra on Anopheles gambiae adults. Journal of Mosquito Research. 4(18): 1-7

  • Yugi, J.O., Otieno-Ayayo, Z.N., Ochanda, H., Mukabana, W.R., 2014. The silver cyprinid Rastrineobola argentea as the main diet source for rearing Anopheles arabiensis mosquitoes. Journal of Mosquito Research. 4(17): 1- 6

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