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Joseph Hitimana

Assistant Professor
Agroforestry & Rural Development
University of Kabianga


Mr. Hitimana is the acting dean in the School of Natural Resource and Environmental Management at the University of Kabianga.

Research Interest

Forest biology, growth and stability analyses Silviculture Agroforestry and Environmental services of trees and forests Forest Resource assessment (inventory, mensuration and biometrics)


  • Balozi B Kirongo, Angela S Mbelase, Kingiri Senelwa, Joseph Hitimana, Lazare Etiegni (2012). Effect of Spacing and Genotype on Height and Diameter Growth of Four Eucalyptus Under Short Rotation. Jurnal Manajemen Hutan Tropika (JMHT), XVIII(1-1):1-9.

  • FM Mutiso, J Hitimana, JL Kiyiapi, FK Sang & E Eboh (2013). Recovery of Kakamega tropical rainforest from anthropogenic disturbances . Journal Of Tropical Forest Science 25(4): 566–576

  • Festus Mbatha Mutiso, Joshua Cheboiwo, James Legilisho Kiyiapi, Francis K. Sang and Joseph Hitimana (2015). Comparative Study of Sampling Methods for Efficient Diagnosis of Health Status of Selected Natural Forest Ecosystems in Kenya. Journal of Natural Sciences Research 5(2): ISSN 2224-3186 (Paper) ISSN 2225-0921 (Online). www.iiste.org

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