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Obago Irene Truphosa

Environmental Health
University of Kabianga


Ms. Obago Irene Truphosa Lecturer / Research Fellow at School of Science & Technology

Research Interest

Environmental Health


  • Obago IT, Ouma JO, Owino, JA(2013). Does the quality of antenatal care predict health facility use for delivery: Further analysis of Kenya Demographic Health Survey data 2008/2009. International Journal of Child Health and Nutrition, 2013, 2, 15-24

  • Ouma, JO and Obago IT (2014). Detection of Cerebral Microhemorrhages by Susceptibility-Weighted Imaging in stroke patients may influence Hospital Length of Stay, Baraton Interdisciplinary Research Journal 3(2), 11-18.

  • Asweto, A, Ouma, J., Obago IT., Olang, Kaseje, D., (2016). Does breast cancer risk awareness motivate personal prevention practices: findings from a community-based assessment? Americal Journal of Public Health Research

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