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Patrick Mwangi Kimani

Mathematics & Computer Science
University of Kabianga


Mr. Kimani is a tutorial fellow in Pure Mathematics.

Research Interest

Group Theory


  • Muthoka G., Kamuti I., Lao H., and Kimani P.M. (2015) Cycle Index Formulas for Dn Acting on Unordered Pairs.Journal of Mathematical Theory and Modeling 5: 16-22.

  • Kimani P., Rimberia J., Muthoka G. and Lao H. (2014). Application of Marks to Computation of Ranks and Subdegrees of the Symmetric Group Acting on Ordered Pairs and on Ordered Triples. Journal of Mathematical Theory and Modeling 4:95-102.

  • Geoffrey Muthoka, Ireri Kamuti, Kimani P.,(2016). Cycle index formulas fo Dn acting on ordered pairs. International Journal of Science and Research.

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