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Rop Naaman Kipsigei

Linguistics, Literature and Communications
University of Kabianga


Dr. Rop Naaman Kipsigei, Lecturer / Research Fellow and Head of Department - Humanities and Social Sciences

Research Interest

Religion and Science, Religious Innovation and Dialogue between Religion and  Culture


  • Rop, N. Scriptural Basis For Inter-Religious Dialogue: A Comparative View Of Islam, Christianity And African Traditional Religion (Asian Journal of Humanities and Social Studies (ISSN: 2321 – 2799)Vol. 03 – Issue 01, 2015, pp.74-84)

  • Rop, N. “We Work Together for Our Common Well-being”: A Critique of Paul F. Knitter’s Soteriocentrism (Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, ISSN 2039-9340, Vol 4, no. 2, 2015, pp. 245-257)

  • Rop, N. “From Warfare to Cautious Meditation”: An Interaction Paradigm Model for a Renewed Appraisal of Science and Religion (American Journal of Social and Management Sciences ISSN Print: 2153-1540, ISSN Online: 2152-1559, Vol.1, Issue, 2, 2015, pp.121-127)

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