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Rop Simon K

Agroforestry & Rural Development
University of Kabianga


Rop Simon K.M.Phil., BSc Department of Agroforestry and Rural Development,School of Natural Resources and Environmental Management, University of Kabianga

Research Interest



  • Rop, S., Kireger, E., (2014). Variation in seedling density, herbivory and disease among seedling stages and mother Prunus Africana trees growing on varying microsites in transitional rainforest in Kenya. Journal of Natural Science Research. Vol 6, ISSN 2222-2863

  • Kireger, E., Rop, S., (2014). An assessment of morphological and physiological traits that correlate with faster growth rate and high biomass production in Acacia tortilis (Forsk.) Hayne seedlings. Advances in life Sciences and Technology vol 9, ISSN 2222-1719.

  • Rop, S.K., Imo, M., Koech, E.K, (2015). Early nitrogen fixation by improved short rotation fallow species in soils of western Kenya.Advanced Journal of Agricultural Research, Vol. 3(001), ISSN: 2360- 9354

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