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Farah Kassim O

Land Resource Management & Agricultural Technology
University of Nairobi


ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR, Land Resource Management & Agricultural Technology, University of Nairobi

Research Interest

Land Resource Management & Agricultural Technology


  • Kassim, OF;. 2003. • Land Use and Spatial Distribution of Two Gum And Incense Producing Tree Species In The Blue-nile Valley of Wogidi District, Ethiopia.

  • Dawd, KY, Musimba NKR, Ekaya WN, Farah KO. 2003. The nutritional value of Zizyphus spina-christi for goat production among the pastoralists of Kalu district, South Wello, Ethiopia.

  • Farah, KO, Nyariki DM, Ngugi RK, Noor IM, Guliye AY. 2004. The Somali and the camel: Ecology, management and economics.

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