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Irungu Lucy W.

Biological Sciences
University of Nairobi


IRUNGU LUCY W. B.Sc.(Nairobi), MSc., Ph.D.(Liverpool) University of Nairobi,Central Administration\

Research Interest

Entomology; Medical Entomology; Applied Parasitology


  • JP, E, J K, LW I, F H. In Press. Description of pre-adult stages of the coconut bug, Pseudotherapthus wayi .. Journal of Insect Science .

  • JP, E, S E, J K, LW I. Submitted. Biology of the coconut bug Pseudotheraptus wayi on French Beans. . Journal of Insect Science .

  • JP., E, S E, J K, LW I, B. T. Submitted. Electrophysiological and Behavioral responses of the Coconut bug, Pseudotheraptus wayi to cashew and conspecific volatiles.. Journal of Chemical Ecology.

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