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Kenneth Amiga Kaduki

University of Nairobi


KENNETH AMIGA KADUKI is a professor of Geology at university of Nairobi

Research Interest

1. Laser spectroscopy. 2. Multispectral imaging microscopy. 3. Microprocessor based instrumentation 4. Signal processing.


  • Gitonga L., Memeu D.M., Kaduki K.A., Mjomba A.C.K and Muriuki N.S, Determination of Plasmodium Parasite Life Stages and Species in Images of Thin Blood Smears Using Artificial Neural Networks, Open Journal of Clinical Diagnostics, 4, (2014), pp. 78-88,

  • Omucheni D.L., Kaduki K.A., Bulimo W.D. and Angeyo H.K., Application of Principal Component Analysis to Multispectral-Multimodal Optical Image Analysis or Malaria Diagnostics, Malaria Journal, 13:485, (2014), doi:10.1186/1475-2875-13-485

  • Bagui O.K., Kaduki K.A., Berrocal E. and Zoueu J.T., Structured laser illumination planer imaging based classification of ground coffee using multivariate chemometrics analysis, Applied Physics Research, 8(3), (2016), pp.32-44, doi:

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