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Mavuti Kenneth M

Biological Sciences
University of Nairobi


Prof Dr. Kenneth Mavuti - Shool of Biological Sciences. Received BSc (honors) in Zoology from the University of Nairobi, post-graduate Certificate in Limnology from the University of Vienna, Austria, MSc in aquatic ecology and PhD in hydrobiology and fisheries from the University of Nairobi.

Research Interest

Aquatic Ecology, Biological Science


  • S., Z, G. C, I. V, G. B, D.M. H, K.M. M, J.R. B. In Press. Adaptive radiation of the endemic Alcolapia cichlids of the East African soda lakes: genetic and morphological perspectives. Journal of Evolutionary Biology.

  • D.O., O, Mavuti KM, Aloo-Obudho P, Ojuok JE, Britton JR. In Press. Fish habitat suitability and community structure in an equatorial Lake Naivasha, Kenya. . Hydrobiologia . Share

  • Harped, DM, Adams C, Mavuti K. Submitted. The aquatic plant communities of the Lake Naivasha wetland, Kenya: pattern, dynamics and conservation.

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