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Mutahi Wilkinson T

University of Nairobi


I am at present testing the molluscidal activities of extracts 01' \.arious plants including Polygonum .venegulensis and Meleu rvolkensi. The later has shown grcat promise. I would like to extend these investigations to other phytoactive remedies in usc in the region in the hope of finding an acceptable. easily cultivated and sustainable molluscicide to supplement chemotherapeutic control efforts against sc histosomiasis.

Research Interest

I am interested in the epidemiology. control and immunology of parasitic hclminths. in particular the chemotherapeutic control of the Bilharzia worm Schis/o.vomu mcm.voni in Kenya. Another problem that concerns me is the potential for the development of drug resistance by schistosomes to praziquantel. now that its price has come down drastically

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