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Ngugi Robinson Kinuthia

Associate Professor
Land Resource Management & Agricultural Technology
University of Nairobi


An Associate Professor (Range Management), former Head of Department and Acting Dean, University of Nairobi (UON). Holder of PhD (Range Management), University of Wyoming, USA (1990); MSc (Range Management), Texas A&M University (1982); and Bachelor of Science (Agriculture), UON.

Research Interest

Range Management


  • Kipchirchir, KO, Ngugi RK, Karuku G, Wanjogu R, Mureithi SM. 2014. Effect of varied soil moisture content on seed yield of six range grasses in the rangelands of Kenya.. Universal Journal of Agricultural Research . 2(5)(1):174-179.

  • Mureithi., KOK; RKN; GK; RW;SM. 2014. Water Use Efficiency of Six Range Grasses under Varied Soil Water Content in Kenyan Semi-arid Rangeland.. Semi-arid Rangeland. 2(7)(1):261–271.

  • R. K. Ngugi, J. M. Kilonzo, KMJMSM. 2014. Seasonal botanical characteristics of the diets of Grant’s (Gazella granti Brooke) and Thompson’s (Gazella ThompsoniGuenther) in the dry land habitats of south-central Kenya.. R. K. Ngugi1, J. M. Kilonzo , J. M. Kimeu1 and S. M. Mureithi. 6(8)(1):581-588.

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