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Nyariki Dickson M

Land Resource Management & Agricultural Technology
University of Nairobi


Professor Department of Land Resources Management and Agricultural Technologies, University of Nairobi and the Ag. Deputy Vice Chancellor, Administration and HRM, South Eastern Kenya University (SEKU). Completed Bachelor of Range Management

Research Interest

Range Management


  • Mogotsi, K; Nyangito, MM; NDM. 2012. Vulnerability of rural agro-pastoral households to drought in semi-arid Botswana.

  • Mogotsi, K, Nyangito MM, Nyariki DM. 2013. The role of drought among agro-pastoral communities in a semi-arid environment: The case of Botswana.

  • Nyariki, DM, Mwanthi IK, Musimba NKR, Mwang’ombe AW. 2013. Productivity and scale gains of adopting natural resource management technologies by smallholder farmers in dryland Kenya..

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