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Stephen M. Mureithi

Land Resource Management & Agricultural Technology
University of Nairobi


I am a Lecturer at the Department of Land Resource Management and Agricultural Technology (LARMAT), Faculty of Agriculture, University of Nairobi. 'My research domain focuses on the direct effects of disturbance (e.g. drought, overgrazing, and land-use change) on dryland ecosystems.

Research Interest

dryland ecosystems


  • Koech OK, Ngugi RK, MSMKJNWRK. 2014. Effect of Different Soil Water Content and Seed Storage on Quality of Six Range Grasses in the Semi-Arid Ecosystems of Kenya.. Environment and Ecology Research.

  • MWANGI, MUREITHISTEPHEN. Submitted. Aboveground net primary productivity in grazed and ungrazed pastures: Grazing optimisation hypothesis or local extinction of vegetation species. Otieno, S.G., T.J. Njoka, T.P. Young, S.M. Mureithi and Ngugi, R.K. . Nature Proceedings. : Afr. J. Range For. Sci.

  • MWANGI, MRMUREITHISTEPHEN. Submitted. The impact of rangeland livestock manure on nutrient depleted soils in highland small-holder croplands in Central Kenya. Kirigia, AK, Njoka, JT, Kinyua PID Young, TP and Mureithi, SM.. Tropical and Sub-tropical Agroecosystems. : Tropical and Sub-tropical Agroecosystems

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