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Nam Ki-chang

Meat Science and Technology
Sunchon National University


Ki-Chang Nam is a professor in Sunchon National University, Suncheon, Korea. His major is meat science and technology. His previous research includes irradiation effects on meat quality and safety. He elucidated the mechanisms of color changes of meat and meat products by irradiation. A modified packaging system of “double packaging” was devised to minimize quality changes such as lipid oxidation and off-odor production by irradiation and to secure meat safety. He also developed egg protein studies for value-added process using ex¬tracted egg proteins. His current research is involved with the development of pro¬duction technologies for high quality and nutritional values of meat using process technologies such as irradiation, hot boning, and hot temperature aging. One of his main research fields is to analyze and compare the meat quality characteristics of the versatile animal breeds.

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