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Dr. Elham Al Hamdan

Fawzia sultan Rehabilitation institute


 Within her leadership role at FSRI, Dr. Elham Al Hamdan draws on over two decades of professional experience, keen medical and scientific acumen, and a passionate dedication to her work. As a clinician, Dr. Elham has worked in the areas of orthopedics and chronic pain management, having practiced in both Canada and Kuwait following the completion of her residency in Ireland. With a special interest in the areas of spine surgery and chronic pain management, Dr. Elham had initially set out to establish a physiotherapy clinic in Kuwait. However, that original vision soon developed and grew, and Dr. Elham has worked tirelessly to realize her mission of establishing FSRI as a holistic medical institution providing higher quality, multidisciplinary healthcare services, whilst also serving as a regional hub for health research, education and advocacy. Always a firm believer in community outreach, capacity building and volunteer initiatives as key components to promote health and wellness across society; Dr. Elham not only spearheads the extensive community outreach and CSR programs at FSRI, but is also closely involved with a number of organizations and associations across the spectrum of Kuwait’s civic society. She serves as a board member for Birth Kuwait (one of the country’s leading non-profit community health networks) and as a supervisor for the Committee for Health at LOYAC, in addition to her role as the National Action Network Coordinator for the Bone and Joint Decade in Kuwait, where she has been instrumental in leading the countrywide effort to mobilize doctor and patient support for the Decade’s goals. Additionally, Dr. Elham was a founding partner of Zama Wellness in Canada, and is the Founder and Director of Wellness Consulting International. Dr. Elham received her medical degree from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland in 1993, and subsequently completed her orthopedic surgery residency at the University of Toronto in Canada in 2001. She has also completed fellowship training in spine surgery, chronic pain management and sports medicine. In addition to her clinical work and community engagements, Dr. Elham is a passionate champion of research and education and has contributed to a number of published research papers over the past decade.

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