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 Coming to Kuwait in 1951 as a newly qualified optician, he was to become instrumental in driving forward improvements in optical healthcare at the time the country was emerging, largely thanks to wise stewardship of its relatively new oil wealth, onto the international stage as a player of some substance. Qualifying in Tehran, the young Hassan could have chosen another nation, another people, on which to devote his career and his life. But, as Hassan adopted Kuwait so, over the years, has Kuwait come to adopt Hassan’s. The roots of his devotion to Kuwait go far deeper than a cleverly strategized business plan. No one in 1951 could have predicted the extent to which the nation would grow. At the time, even looking back with the benefit of hindsight, it was barely even on the brink of its latter-day phenomenal growth. Hassan’s arrival in Kuwait was driven solely by the humanitarian desire to improve the quality of lives by giving easy access to optical healthcare..

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