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Brad Batcheller

Managing Director, KEO-Corporate Business Developm
KEO International Consultants


 Mr. Batcheller joined KEO in 1998 and currently manages branding services throughout all KEO office locations. He has over 20 years of marketing know-how and specializes in leveraging talent and technology to deliver uniquely targeted media to clients, associates and partners. For the last decade, he has honed his skill in delivering lead generation, cross-divisional tenders, targeted collateral, corporate and project websites, digital marketing, public relations, social media strategy and B2B presentations. In addition, he manages the resource development of internal systems such as the corporate SharePoint which serves as the nerve center for the firm.  The development, monitoring and continual growth of KEO is his remit and he thrives on helping specialist groups within the firm gain traction and build market share. Examples of this is in the evolution of KEO’s allied practices in urban planning, landscape and quantity surveying specialties. The fully branded 'sister firms', InSite and C-Quest, were successfully launched as wholly owned subsidiaries to KEO in late 2016. For all of KEO as well as its allied practices, Mr. Batcheller manages daily delivery of presentations, branding, project tracking, marketing collateral, advertising, qualifications, PR and social media content.  Mr. Batcheller holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Bates College, USA and completed courses at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design, USA. Prior to joining KEO, he worked in various Boston A/E firms delivering wayfinding, branding and marketing for healthcare and retail clients throughout North America.

Research Interest

 Project websites, digital marketing, public relations, social media strategy 

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