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Abdulmohsen Asad

Plant Pathology and Environmental Research
Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research


Dr AbdulMohsen Asad is a Scienctific researcher in the Kuwait Institue for Scienctific Research works on Native vegetation is irreplaceable, as it sustains life on earth. Besides, reflecting the cultural heritage of a nation, it provides sustainable benefits to the society. Native vegetation provides low-cost feeds for livestock grazing, a source of valuable gene pool for research and development, a source of medicine for meeting primary health needs in several countries, and a source of organic substance to the soil. Unfortunately, overexploitation of natural resources, including native vegetation has been, and is still, very destructive and the planet Earth will not be able to sustain the present rate of destruction. KISR has been conducting studies over the past several years to understand the ecology and dynamics of native plant communities in their native habitats. KISR’s researchers have also been evaluating various revegetation techniques and strategies for restoring native plant species in degraded ecosystems. The major scope of KISR’s current native plant research is on proper documentation, and conservation of terrestrial ecosystems

Research Interest

ecosystem; escarpment; ridge and hilly ecosystem; wadi and depression ecosystem

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