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I am leading the research on understanding how innate lymphoid cells are implicated in driving asthma immunopathology and responses. In my team, the focus is on understanding the role of these cells in acute allergic inflammation but also their function and plasticity during viral infections in the asthmatic airways. Our ultimate goal is to find ways to control their function to ameliorate the burden of the asthmatic patients. Having completed my PhD in molecular cell biology at Uppsala University in 2007, I joined AstraZeneca as a postdoctoral researcher in 2009, which offered a great opportunity to introduce in situ proximity ligation assay (isPLA) on projects within the analgesia and Alzheimer’s disease areas. I successfully established isPLA technology into the company, to strengthen the target validation and show activation of target molecules in human tissue and translatable animal models. In 2011, I joined the RIA IMED unit as a Senior Research Scientist, applying state-of-the-art molecular and visualisation technologies to address questions about the activation of the target/protein of interest. I was then promoted to an Associate Principal Scientist role, where I have been involved in activities including target identification, target validation and patient segmentation approaches. I have been acting as translational science lead, ensuring that translational aspects were considered during project progression, using innovative and creative approaches to overcome obstacles and follow the science. An international assignment in 2015 gave me the opportunity to spend a year at the Asia and Emerging Markets IMED unit at the Innovation Centre China (ICC) in Shanghai, working in a cross-cultural team at this leading-edge translational science centre. The role included acting as a link between the ICC and RIA IMED unit in Gothenburg. Since coming back from Shanghai since July 2016, I have been leading my team to understand the role of innate lymphoid cells in type 2 asthma in an effort to discover ways to regulate their activity in the disease.

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