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He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Latvia and received a doctor's degree in surgery from the University of Latvia, one of the first in Latvia to acquire invasive neoradology in the Uppsala University Radiology Clinic in Sweden. Prof. K.Kupčs is one of the leading specialists in Latvia - invasive neuroradiologists, who have been conducting a narrowed blood vessel expansion for more than 15 years without extensive surgical intervention. Invasive neuroradiology is a relatively new branch of radiology not only in Latvia, but also in the world. Dr. Kupčs is the first of Latvia to study the specialty of invasive neuroradiologist and introduced it into the Latvian medical system. In 2003 Dr.Kupčs performed the first aneurysm embolization or closing operation in Latvia, and since then the invasive radiology industry in Latvia has developed rapidly. Dr.Kupčs regularly advises colleagues in other countries, for the first time, has concluded the patient aneurysms in Tallinn, because in Latvia invasive neuroradiology specialists are leading in all the Baltic States. Dr. K.Kupčs is active in industry associations both in Latvia and internationally: Latvian Radiologists Association President Member of the Board of the Latvian Association of Invasive Radiology Member of the European Association of Radiologists and Association of North American Radiologists Member of Latvian Association of Neurosurgeons and Latvian Telemedicine Association Member of the World Federation of Therapeutic Neuroradiology

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