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Dr. Cherie Daly is a qualified medical practitioner from South Africa who has clinical experience in numerous fields, with a special interest in Psychiatry. She has over a decade of experience in the stem cell industry and has worked in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Europe.  In the Middle East, Dr. Daly served as Executive Manager for Cryo-Save Arabia, where she was responsible for establishing and managing their cord blood laboratory in Dubai.  During her time in the Gulf Region, Dr. Daly lobbied at the governmental level and with key regional institutes to educate and introduce cord blood banking to expectant parents in a region where there was no such service.  In Singapore (2009 - 2010), Dr. Daly served as the Group Medical Affairs Manager for Cordlife, a company that is a leader in private cord blood banking in multiple Asian countries. She focused on establishing cord blood clinical trials for non-hematological indications in Asia.  In Europe (2011 - 2013), Dr. Daly worked for Cryo-Save, Europe's largest family cord blood bank, as Group Medical Affairs Consultant.  Dr. Daly then moved to Denmark and became an independent consultant in the stem cell industry. Among others, she has consulted to the Danish stem cell bank StemCare, and the Asian cord blood bank, Cordlife, in the role of Medical Affairs. She moved again to the United States in 2015, where she works as a clinical consultant for LifebankUSA. Dr. Daly has spoken at numerous regional and international medical conferences, appeared on radio and television, and speaks to prospective parents on the benefits of cord blood banking.  Her passion is to provide accurate education for both healthcare professionals and parents, and to ensure that all expectant parents have the necessary tools to enable an educated choice when it comes to their options regarding their child’s cord blood. To learn more about cord blood banking, visit Parent's Guide to Cord Blood Foundation at

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