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In 1991 After graduating from the Faculty of Medicine of the Vilnius University Pediatric Degree, he worked as a cardiologist and pediatrician. He received a qualification at the St. Petersburg Institute of Cardiology. 1999 Graduated from the Department of Children's Cardiology at Vilnius University. He later trained at the Vilnius University Hospital in Santariškės, Warsaw, in the area of ​​arterial hypertension and obesity - at the Berlin Cardiology Clinic. Since 2002 He works at the Children's Hospital as a cardiologist, conducts cardiac echoscopy, at 24 hours. ECG monitoring (Holter) tests, veloergometry, 24 hours. blood pressure monitoring studies.2003 He defended a biomedical doctoral dissertation on "Changes in magnesium excretion in urine of healthy, arterial hypertension and high-risk groups of adolescents."Articles and abstracts are published in Lithuanian and foreign press. She has received reports at international conferences in Riga, Berlin, Kosice (Slovakia)

Research Interest

Professionally concerned areas : Arterial hypertension in children and adolescents, magnesium metabolism disorder, arterial hypertension and obesity, magnesium and children's heart rhythm disorders


  • Driziene Z , Yankun R, Stakisaitis D, Kazbariene B, Didziapetriene J. and Uleckiene S. Urinary chloride: gender related differences and relation to blood pressure in adolescents. Trace Elements and Electrolytes 2011; 2 (28): 105-112.

  •  z Drižienė , J. Augustinavičienė. Supraventricular tachycardia: mechanisms, diagnostics and therapies. Pediatrics 2009; 1 (39): 30-37. 

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