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Banat, Maysaa

Rafik Hariri University


I am an M.A. holder in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). My teaching experience combined with my course work and research background allowed me to teach at a variety of universities at all levels in the field of English Language. I am currently teaching English at Rafik Hariri University, a position that involves instruction in methods of writing and rhetoric, research and business English. I have also worked as a high school teacher for thirteen years. This position enabled me to identify the needs of undergraduate students who are close to applying to university. Among the most satisfying experiences for me as a teacher has been integrating a media project into my classes to enhance my students’ learning and to teach them the necessary skills and competencies of media journalism. Another challenging experience for me was conducting four workshops at HHS II under the supervision and guidance of the Center for Research and Training. This experience enriched my career and added a lot to my educational background, specifically teacher training and development of course materials. Another fundamental issue that contributed to my career development was working on my thesis for fulfilling my higher educational requirements.

Research Interest

The study I conducted offered me a wide range of new experiences like conducting an action research in my field of specialty and using the SPSS program to analyze the data I needed.  

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