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Chaya, Jamil

Assistant Professor
Business Administration
Rafik Hariri University


Jamil is working as a Assistant Professor in the Department of Business Management at University of rafik hariri, Lebanon.

Research Interest

Corporate finance, finance and growth, finance and inequality, socio-economic dynamics, economic history.


  • “Financial Non-Neutrality: the Inextricable Link Between Inequality and Monetary Policy” to be submitted in the Journal of Economic Inequality, Springer (impact factor 0.912). Deconstructing the dynamics of the relationship between finance and inequality. within the US

  • Loan Maturity Structure and the Actualization of Production” subject to review in the Review of Economic Analysis (simple impact factor 0.862 RePEc). The theory of the actualization of production is developed and defines a channel between finance and growth.

  • “Beirut’s Real Estate Twilight” published in the Middle Eastern Finance and Economics Journal Issue 19, September 2013. (Peer Reviewed). Compares the two principal investment venues in Lebanon, bonds and real estate, and effectively deconstructs the oddity of the real estate market in what can be summarized as “Lebanese Optimism” that was actually quantified.

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