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Halablab, Mahmoud

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Rafik Hariri University


Halablab, Mahmoud is working as a Professor in the Department of Information and Science at University of rafik hariri, Lebanon.While at King’s College London Dr. Halablab supervised several PhD research theses all of whom were awarded the degree from the University of London.  All the theses supervised concerned with food-and waterborne microbes, biotechnology, environmental microbiology and biotechnology related areas.  In addition, he supervised several MSc projects and numerous undergraduate senior/honors research projects. He also acted as examiner for several University of London (and other universities) PhD theses in various areas of Microbiology and Biotechnology.

Research Interest

His research activities is focused on food microbiology related projects due to the importance of this area and the public health and the economic impact food poisoning can cause.  


  • Halablab MA, Hijazi SM, Fawzi MA and Araj GF (2010). Staphylococcus aureus nasal carriage rate and associated risk factors in individuals in the Lebanese community. Epidemiology and Infection; 138(5): 702-706.

  • Aldahlawi AMA & Halablab MA. (2010). Early Induction of Apoptosis of Human Monocyte-derived Dendritic cells upon infection by virulent Legionella pneumophila. JKSU; 22(2): 39-61.

  • Halablab MA, Sheet IH and Holail HM. Microbiological Quality of Raw Vegetables Grown in Bekaa Valley, Lebanon. American Journal of Food Technology; 6(2): 129-139, 2011.

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