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Kozaily, Jad

Assistant Professor
Rafik Hariri University


Dr. Kozaily is an assistant professor of Mechanical Engineering at the Rafik Hariri University (RHU). His teaching specialties are in Thermodynamics, Energy Conversion, Gas Turbines and Computational Fluid Dynamics. He holds a M.S. in Aerospace Propulsion and worked previously at the Rolls-Royce UTC center (Cranfield, UK), investigating the altitude relight problem in jet engines. His Ph.D. research work in materials science was undertaken at the Institut Laue-Langevin (Grenoble, France), the world’s leading facility in neutron science and technology, where he developed a novel aerodynamic levitation technique that enables the study of materials at very high temperatures (> 3000°C). His research interests focus on Gas Turbines and on the structure and dynamics of high temperature liquids. Dr. Kozaily has a particular interest in music and plays the “Kanun” music instrument.

Research Interest

Gas Turbines;Computational Fluid Dynamics;Structure and Dynamics of Liquids and Glasses.


  • J.Kozaily, L.Hennet, H.E.Fischer, M.Koza, S.Brassamin, S.Magazu, F.Kargl "Levitation apparatus for Time-Of-Flight inelastic neutron scattering investigations on high-temperature liquids" Physica Status Solidi C 8 3155-3158 (2011).

  • J.Kozaily, R.Ammer, M.Koza, H.E.Fischer, E.Lelièvre-Berna, L.Hennet, S.Magazu, F.Kargl, "Aerodynamic levitation and laser heating of samples at IN6", ILL news 51 8-9 (2009).

  • J.Kozaily, P.K.Zachos, V.Pachidis and R.Singh, "Gas Turbine Fuel Atomisation Dynamics Under Sub-Atmospheric Conditions", ISABE, International Symposium on Airbreathing Engines, 19th, Montreal, Canada (2009).

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