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Degutiene Irena

MDGC(Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center)


1978-1984 – Vilnius University, Faculty of Medicine, Doctor of Medicine Trained in many centres across USA, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Lithuania: 2007 – five-day session American Diabetes Association 67th Scientific Sessions. Chicago, USA 2007 – five-day session European Association for Study of Diabetes, Amsterdam, Netherlands 2006 – five-day session European Association for Study of Diabetes, Copenhagen, Denmark 2005 – five-day congress 7th European Congress of Endocrinology, Gothenburg, Sweden 2003 – 72-hour course Questions of Endocrinology, Vilnius University, Lithuania 2002 – 40-hour course Preventive Health Check, Vilnius University, Lithuania 2002 – 66-hour course Psychotherapy and Medical Psychology, Vilnius University, Lithuania 1994 – Stensky Diabetes Centre, Copenhagen, Denmark 1993 – group studies on diabetes, Switzerland

Research Interest

Since 2004 – endocrinologist, therapist at the Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Centre Since 1987 – works as a therapist Since 1991 – works as an endocrinologist 1986-1996 – therapist of the Vilnius Red Cross Hospital

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