Cardiology Experts

MilasienĖ Vidmanta

MDGC(Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center)


1974 – Graduated from Vilnius University, Faculty of Medicine 1975 – Therapy Internship at a hospital in Lithuania 1978–2003 – Different courses on cardiology and therapy 1998 – Certified as the first-category cardiologist 2003 – Congress of European Cardiologists, Munich (Germany) 2004 – Ischemic coronary disease treatment internship in Paris (France) 2005 – Conference of the American Heart Association, Dallas (USA) 2005 – Series of lectures on the topic Selected Cardiology Issues, Vilnius (Lithuania) 2006 – Congress of European Cardiologists, Barcelona, Spain

Research Interest

Since 2003 – Cardiologist at Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center 1981–2006 – Cardiologist at Antakalnis Polyclinic in Vilnius 1983–2004 – Member of the Commission on the Assessment of the Working Capacity of Patients suffering from Heart Diseases in a polyclinic Vilnius 1976–1981 – Therapist in a policlinic in Vilnius 1975–1976 – Therapist in a hospital in Lithuania

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