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Multidisciplinary Internist Blood Coagulation & Vascular Medicine Center, CEO and Founder of Goodheart Institute in Nature Medicine & Health, Founder and Editor in Chief World Journal of Vascular Medicine: WJVM, Editor in chief Journal of Hematology and Thromboembolic Diseases, Editor of World Journal of Hematology: WJH. Senior Scientific Advisor European Leukemia-Net MPN, Mannheim, European Community, Brussels, Visiting professor Blood & Coagulation Disorders Depts of Hematology of the University Hospital Antwerp, Belgium, University Brno, Czech Republic and Colentina University Hospital, Bucharest, Romania. Prof. Dr Jan Jacques Michiels is Consultant Professor Blood coagulation and Co-Founder of the Hemostasis Research Unit and Von Willebrand Research Laboratory, University Hospital Antwerp, Belgium. Founder International Collaboration and Research in MPN: ICAR; MPN within the European Leukemia-Network: ELN. He is a CoFounder of the Central European Vascular. He is Expert member Leukemia Net, Mannheim, Germany (Chair & Founder ELN, Professor Hehlmann, Mannheim). Founder International Collaborations & Academic Research on Von Willebranf Factor and Von Willebrand Disease: ICAR:VWF-VDW. Prof. Dr Jan Jacques Michiels served as Guest Editor of many of the International Journals in Hematology, Hemostasis, Thrombosis and Vascular Medicine.

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