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Abhishek Sharma

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Health Care
Luxembourg Institute of Health


My experience and interest have been mainly in understanding genome stability, ageing, and cancer biology. In my Ph.D., I discovered the new role of a chromatin remodelling complex and a histone methyltransferase in maintaining proper localisation of a non-canonical histone. In past, I have worked on a drug discovery project with the aim to find better treatment for Ewing sarcoma (bone marrow cancer) using DNA repair protein inhibitors, tissue culture, and mouse model system. Discovered the role of a protein involved in DNA repair against one of the chemotherapeutic agent during my work in Sussex University. I am always seeking for opportunities to learn new subjects and techniques in the realm of Life Sciences. My aim is to improve myself as a scientist, learn new things and keep on exploring and understanding the biological processes in living beings for the welfare of mankind.

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