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Alexis Lion

Luxembourg Institute of Health


I have been developing three major lines of research for ten years.  My current area of research concerns the role of physical activities on the secondary prevention of non-communicable diseases. For the past 4 years, I have been working as a research project leader at the Sports Medicine Research Laboratory of the Luxembourg Institute of Health in Luxembourg (Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg). I am working on two projects: Sport-Santé and MIPAClux. The project Sport-Santé aims to promote physical activity for secondary prevention of non-communicable diseases in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. The MIPAClux study evaluated the effectiveness of motivational interviewing on physical activity engagement in patients with cancer. The second area of research is related to the evaluation of postural control, which is measured by posturographiy or videonystagmography. I studied the postural and gaze variations in function of the neurosensory stimulations (e.g. dual-tasking or the practice of physical and sporting activities) or the presence of peripheral (vestibular lesions), orthopaedic (idiopathic scoliosis, anterio-cruciate ligaments, OA) or metabolic (hyperhomocysteinemia) pathologies. My third main area of research concerns the epidemiology and prevention of sports injuries. I performed several questionnaire-based studies aiming to investigate the injuries or symptoms (motion sickness, vertigo) in acrobatics athletes, climbers, football players, rally car co-drivers and downhill mountain bikers.

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