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Francisco J. A

Luxembourg Institute of Health


I'm an experienced researcher working at the intersection of the computational and biomedical sciences. I enjoy finding solutions to complex problems involving data (larger and smaller). I'm driven by societal challenges, as well as by "the pleasure of finding things out". I promote open, inclusive work environments. I put human dignity and intellectual integrity above self-interest. I do my best to lead through experience, competence and compassion. # Solid theoretical and practical experience in AI / machine learning (including but not limited to: Bayesian / graphical models, linear models, similarity-based models, kernel methods and deep learning), as well as their combination with network-based models, for multi-source / multi-view data applications. #At present coding mostly in Java, scripting in R, and doing a bit of Go and Python for the fun of it.  

Research Interest

Interested in considering partnerships with organizations in health, education, communication, or technological and socio-economic innovation.

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