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Hugues Petit

Information Technology
Luxembourg Institute of Health


I started my professional career at Thomas & Piron in December 2005. At the end of my training as an accounting assistant, an internship in a company had to be realized. I contacted this company, which was looking for support at the time to integrate its IT department. Because of my previous knowledge and being a fan of new technologies, I was able to do this internship within the IT department. The quality of the work carried out convinced the management and allowed me to get my first permanent contract.  My career orientation is not at all a result of my studies but rather a passion that has become a job. I am happy. I worked 3.5 years in this company and gained a good experience, I exercised a function of IT support and the function of Helpdesk. During this time, I started a graduate course in the evening at the social promotion of Jemelle in computer management to develop my skills but especially to get an IT degree.  In June 2009, I had the opportunity to work for a PROgroup engineering design office in Windhof (GDL). This radical change of life (distance, different schedule) forced me to put aside the last year of my degree and postpone it.   

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