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Olivier Keunen

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Luxembourg Institute of Health


I am a Polytechnical Engineer by training with strong experience in information technology and a PhD degree in Biomedical Imaging. I am today in charge of setting up and running the national in vivo imaging platform at the Luxembourg Institute of Health, providing preclinical anatomical, physiological, metabolic and molecular imaging services to the scientific community, in the country and in the Greater region. The platform is equipped for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) , Optical Imaging (OI) and Data Analysis. We also provide Positron Emission Tomography (PET) services, in collaboration with partnering institutions, with plans to establish the service in Luxembourg by 2019. My research focuses on multimodal imaging and images guided therapies in the context of brain diseases. In previous professional experiences, I held responsibility for running large transformation IT programs for a global IT consulting firm, and I've been in charge of setting up and running a complete IT shop for a research center of 250+ employees.  My goal for the coming years is to establish and develop the multimodal imaging program in the country using PET and MRI, and to add preclinical treatment modalities (Radiotherapy, Focus Ultrasound) to take an active role in establishing new protocols for the precision medicine of the future.

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