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Torsten Bohn

Project Leader
Health Care
Luxembourg Institute of Health


Centre de Recherche Public Gabriel Lippmann, Nutrtion and Toxicology, Luxembourg, 2007-present ♦ Building and Leading a research group of ca. 15 people  ♦ Research grant writing on food safety and nutrition The Ohio State University (OSU), Food Sci.&Tech., Columbus, OH (Post Doc) 2003-2006 ♦ Planning and conducting human/in-vitro clinical trials investigating effects of novel functional foods (soy, tomato, avocado) on markers of cardiovascular disease  (CVD)  ♦ Developing techniques to analyze phytochemicals and biomarkers of oxidative stress/CVD in humans (HPLC-MS/MS, ELISA, antioxidant assays) Swiss Fed. Inst. Technology (ETH Zurich), Inst. for Human Nutrition. (PhD student) 1998-2002 ♦ Investigated the influence of nutritional factors on human mineral absorption ♦ Established new techniques to study mineral (Mg, Fe, Ca) absorption in clinical  human trials using stable isotope methods (ICP-MS, TI-MS) Internship, Federal Food Lab., Giessen, Germany, 6 mo. 1997  ♦ Evaluated and wrote reports on quality of foods, beverages and consumer goods according to National and European legislation  Internship, Nutricia Europe Research Labs., Friedrichsdorf, Germany 6 mo. 1996  ♦ Established methods (HPLC) for analysis of PAH’s in oils and infant foods ♦ Participated in interlaboratory ring-trials on pesticides/herbicides in baby foods Specialties: - Analytical Chemistry - Proteomics - Nutriton - Food Science - Toxicology - NanoSIMS

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