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Solange Savarinayagam

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Leader of the LuxCos dep. and manager of a team of 4 people. My role in the management of the 38 Holding Companies implemented by Pfizer in Lux. Is to : => Ensure the appropriate and timely accomplishment of all operations as well as corp./stat. reporting, fiscal and legal aspects for the holdings in coordination with Corp. Tax, Legal, Treasury, local external advisors and Global Financial Solutions.  => Participate in planning/analysis/review as well as manage and follow-up the implementation of company structure reorganizations (step plans), acquisitions, divestures, distributions and ensure correct recordings in this respect.  =>Manage shareholdings coordination with parent company/subsidiaries & Follow up of completeness and execution of legal documentation, =>Ensure and follow up timely filing of direct & indirect tax returns, compliance to fiscal and stat. requirements (CIT, NWT review, financing level checks, substance), Interact with numerous stakeholders i.e. NY Corp. Tax, Treas., Conso., Loc. tax & legal adv., auditors. =>Control Lux Stat. Reportings : Manage, Review and analyze Interim/Annual Stat Acc for the board meetings, Ensure completion of necessary legal documentation for board meetings (BM), lead stat. conso. of the Branches (9) and HO, Drive the stat. audit of the Holding Companies to successful completion , File stat. financial statements to the Lux authorities, actively participate in BM,. =>Ad hoc projects: Improve the stat. acc. filling process with implementing a stat. filling tool (PWC), Map the US GAAPs chart of acc. to the LUX GAAPs PCN acc., Implement a review tool capturing the key controls for the annual acc. review. The new stat. process saved 40% of the time spent in the elaboration of stat. financial statements.  =>Team leading (2 senior acc, 1 junior acc and 1 paralegal staff): Annual objectives & YE performance review, provide training to the team (impairments, NWT assessment, other tax changes).

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