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Joanna Baginska

University of Luxembourg


2009 - 2013 PhD - Oncology  “ Investigation of the role of autophagy in the regulation of NK-mediated antitumor immune response”  Doctoral School of Oncology/ Faculty of Medicine of Paris XI University Under the supervision of Dr JANJI Bassam Laboratory of Experimental Hemato-Oncology; CRP-Santé, Luxembourg Awarded AFR Grant by Fonds National de la Recherche Luxembourg 2008-2009 Master 2 – Oncology: Antitumoral pharmacology École Normale Supérieure de Cachan/Faculty of Medicine of Paris XI University. Laboratory of Biology and Applied Pharmacology  2002-2007 Bachelor, Master 1 and 2 - Medical Biotechnology Nicolaus Copernicus University of Torun, Faculty of Medicine ORAL PRESENTATIONS  • NK2013 - 14th Meeting of the Society for Natural Immunity, 9/18-22/2013, Heidelberg, Germany Granzyme B degradation by autophagy decreases tumor cell susceptibility to Natural Killer-mediated lysis under hypoxia • European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) Conference Series on Autophagy in health and disease, 10/30-11/4/2011, Israel.  TNF-α-resistant breast cancer cells activate hypoxia-like cellular response leading to the activation of autophagy. Involvement in innate immune response • The 5th Polish-French Conference on Cancer Biology and Therapy, 05/30- 06/01/2011,Paris, France.  Study of the involvement of autophagy in the acquisition of tumor resistance to TNF-α. • Scientific Meeting CRP Santé Luxembourg - SFR CAP Santé Reims, 11/28/2011,Reims, France.  Role of autophagy in cancer. Involvement in innate immune response

Research Interest

Oncology research * Ability to work effectively and independently under pressure according to timelines,  * Excellent communication skills * Oriented to provide high quality data Hands-on experience with :  - mammalian cell culture,  - PBMC isolation/ handling,  - murine cell isolation

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