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Ling Zhan

university of Pennsylvania perelman


Zhan’s primary research interest is to understand microbiological aspects of dental caries and identify protocols that will lead to prevention or elimination of dental caries in children. One of her research focus is on virulence factors of mutans streptococci and other caries-causing bacteria that are related to their transmission or initiation of dental decay. The overall goal of these studies is to identify specific genes in MS that are related to development of dental caries in children and investigate whether these genes can be used to screen children with high risk for antimicrobial treatment and also to develop targeted antimicrobial agent for caries prevention in children. The other aspect of her research is focused on seeking clinical regimens in caries prevention. She has conducted randomized clinical trails to identify effective practical antimicrobial regimens, such as povidone iodine and xylitol products, which may alter caries-causing bacteria challenge and prevent new caries in children. The third aspect oh her research is to study and develop an effective and practical Caries Management by Risk Assessment protocol (CAMBRA) for children. She is also interested in global oral health projects and recently engaged study on investigating the feasibility and efficacy of incorporating oral health education and fluoride varnish program through pediatric immunization clinic in Roatan, Honduras with a joint effort of a multidisciplinary team from UCSF and UC Berkley.

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