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Chi Peilian

Assistant professor
Department of Psychology
University of Macau


Chi Peilian received her Master's in Developmental Psychology from Beijing Normal University and Ph.D. in Family Studies from The University of Hong Kong.

Research Interest

Close relationships and health, Resilience of disadvantaged population, Forgiveness and couple dynamic


  • Chi, P., & Li X. (2017). Parental HIV: From Psychopathology to Resilience. In David Morley, Xiaoming Li, Crispin Jenkinson, (Ed.). Children and Young People‚Äôs Response to Parental Illness: A Handbook of Assessment & Practice, CRC Press Taylor & Francis Group: London, England.

  • ilioli, S., Slatcher, R. B., Chi, P., Li, X., Zhao, J., & Zhao, G. (in press). Self-esteem mediates the association between early life adversity and diurnal cortisol profiles across the lifespan. Psychological Science,doi: 10.1177/0956797616658287

  • Lin, X., Fang, X., Health, M., Chi, P., Xu, S., & Fang, X. (in press). Multiple levels of family factors and oppositional defiant disorder symptoms among Chinese children. Family Process.

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