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Chris Koon Ho Wong

Assistant Professor
Health science
University of Macau


Chris Koon Ho WONG is currently working as a Assistant Professor in the Department of Health science, University of Macau , Macau. His research interests includes To understand how pathogenic fungi cause diseases in humans. He has successfully completed his Administrative responsibilities.

Research Interest

To understand how pathogenic fungi cause diseases in humans, To understand how transcription is regulated


  • Jiang, B., Yan, L., Miao, Z., Li, E.-Q., Wong, K.H. and Xu, R.-H. “Spheroidal formation preserves human stem cells for prolonged time under ambient conditions for facile storage and transportation.” Biomaterials 2017; 133:275-86.

  • Petrenko, N. *, Jin, Y. *, Wong, K.H. * and Struhl, K. “Evidence that Mediator is essential for Pol II transcription, but is not a required component of the preinitiation complex in vivo.” eLife 2017;6:e28447. (* Equal contribution)

  • Xie, J.L., Qin, L., Miao, Z., Grys, B.T., Diaz, J.D.L.C., Ting, K., Krieger, J.R., Tong, J., Tan, K., Leach, M.D., Ketela, T., Moran, M.F., Krysan, D.J., Boone, C., Andrews, 
 B.J., Selmecki, A., Wong, K.H., Robbins, N. and Cowen, L.E. “The Candida albicans Transcription Factor Cas5 Couples Stress Responses, Drug Resistance, and Cell Cycle Regulation.” Nature Communications 2017; 8(1):499.

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